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Amazon Account Manager – Maricel Peris

Maricel Peris is Amazon Account Manager at Roicos, although, according to her, when she was studying this was the last branch of marketing that she thought she was going to work at.

However, she has ended up becoming an expert in selling on Amazon; daily helping all types of companies to enhance their visibility and sales. Maricel manages everything from minute 0 of implementation to maintenance, including SEO, listing uploads, and advertising campaign setup; one of the great forgotten and, as she tell us, crucial to succeed in this marketplace.

We spoke with Maricel about all the key points to selling on Amazon, her background and her personal marketing project, Clicaelbotón.


How and when did you become interested in marketing on Amazon?

It was completly unexpected. Before finishing my degree, I started looking for job offers and came across an official Amazon agency right in my city. I started researching and discovered the huge world that exists in Amazon.

It was the last branch of my career that I thought I was going to dedicate myself to but now I am glad I’ve discovered it.


How would you define your job as an Amazon Account Manager?

Basically I manage seller accounts on Amazon, helping them to maximize their visibility and sales.

In more detail, I do the implementation from phase 0 to maintenance, which includes the strategy to follow in Amazon, the SEO optimization of the entire catalog, the upload of listings and, above all, the advertising part. (Among other actions)


In addition to your work in Roicos, you also have your own project, Clicaelboton, how did this idea come to live?

That’s right. Together with my partner, we saw that there was a latent need: SMEs need to digitize and for this they want an agency that can be able to do everything for them, and that’s where we come in with our agency. Where we offer digital marketing services and web development adapted to these small business.


“El cliente piensa que entrará en Amazon y empezará a vender miles de euros y no es así. Hay mucho trabajo detrás para conseguir unos buenos resultados de ventas y performance.”

Maricel Peris

Amazon Account Manager, Roicos

We know that there is not much documentation on how to work at Amazon. How do you face your projects then? Any advice for someone looking to start selling on Amazon?

Yes, I accept that it is a bit difficult to access to the training needed to sell on Amazon. But Amazon’s Seller Central has a section called “Seller University” where it explains how the platform works step by step.

In addition, I personally like to follow Amazon experts from other countries and be in Amazon Specialists groups on which we share content with each other and learn about the latest trends.

One piece of advice I would give to someone looking to sell on Amazon is to be patient. Amazon is a channel with a lot of potential but it has a medium / long-term focus, so you will not get results after the first month of becoming a seller.


Normally, what expectations does the client who hires you as an Amazon agency usually have?

Exactly what I have told you above.

The customer thinks that he will enter in Amazon and start earning thousands of euros and he is not.

There is a lot of work behind to achieve good sales and performance results. This is also due to the lack of knowledge about the platform, since it is relatively new.


Based on your experience, what are the most common mistakes people make when they start selling on Amazon without advice?

The majority of sellers who enter and already have a Seller Central account, do not invest in advertising, they do not give it importance.

However, investing in advertising campaigns is one of the keys to being successful within Amazon.


Finally, can you recommend a book?

Yeah sure. It’s a book that they gave me in full confinement, it’s called “The Purple Cow”, by Seth Godin. It is the book for entrepreneurs and marketers that I liked the most.

It dismantles the myth of the 4ps and helps us understand how we should differentiate ourselves from the rest and why.