El SEO in United States – Daniel Pérez

Daniel Pérez works as a SEO in the United States who currently works for Advantix Digital in Dallas, Texas. Although his first professional experience was as an English teacher, he soon realized that his true passion was advertising.

He began in this world working as a community manager for several companies in his native country, Venezuela, until thanks to one of them he discovered the world of SEO and, in his own words, “his life changed”.

During the last years, Daniel has been mainly dedicated to digital marketing, SEO analytics and Linkbuilding tasks for companies of all kinds, including a lawyer in favor of the legalization of therapeutic marijuana. He does his job in English and in Spanish, sometimes, even, in both.

In spite of everything, he jokes that his family and friends have not yet been clear about what he does. And on occasion, certain people have been confused and have thought that he worked as CEO instead of SEO.

He has been talking to us about how he ended up in this world and has given us his opinion and advice on how to be a great SEO professional. Also, he has revealed us some secret about how everything works in his current residence, Texas.


How did an English teacher become interested in the SEO world?

I think I’ve always had the vocation to teach everything I’ve learned and I’m still learning. I think it comes from my mother who is a primary school teacher. I used to teach English every Saturday at the university where I studied because I thought that experience would be good for my professional career. Although I always knew that being a teacher was not going to be my profession for the rest of my life. I was an English teacher and also an advertising student, my true passion.

First I worked for different advertising agencies in my country, Venezuela, as a community manager. Then, for a marketing agency, there I entered the world of SEO and my life changed.


What does SEO mean to you?

If we talk about SEO as a concept, I define it as the practice to increase the quality and quantity of traffic of a website through a set of tools and optimization techniques.

Personally, SEO for me means a digital universe full of challenges and continuous learning. Due to the changing rules of the Google algorithm and the modernization of techniques to optimize a website.


It seems that for all those who are out of this world SEO is something strange, what do your family and friends say when you explain what your work is?

I consider that it is the biggest challenge that every SEO specialist has today. Many of my friends think that the only thing I do is call Google, tell them that I have a very interesting website and at 2 am I am already on the first page of results. I try to talk to my parents about this topic on a regular basis, but sometimes I feel that I confuse them more and more. My brothers, even if they use a lot of internet and their search engines, prefer not to go into details.

Other times what has happened to me is that I tell people that I am an SEO specialist and they think I mean that I am the CEO of an important company. So you’ll see how I have to manage to explain myself.


You have also worked for companies in very different sectors, which one do you enjoy the most? Do you have any anecdote?

I have been fortunate to work with different types of clients. As an anecdote I tell you that I once had a client who was a Miami attorney in favor of the legalization of medical marijuana in the state of Florida. A very controversial issue because of the diversity of opinions that exist about it. At that time I was a newbie and I did not know how to write content for a client of that type.

There were 3 types of readers on the blog: young people interested in the approval of the law because they thought it would be a matter of time before they would also pass a law on recreational marijuana, others with relatives or friends who really needed approval, and a third group would not. I agreed. Every publication I made, whether it was on social networks or on the blog of the website was a pitched battle, but from the negative we can get the positive, we were attracting a lot of traffic to the web!


In your opinion, what qualities do you need to be a good SEO specialist?

  1. Creativity when developing strategies, plans and content.
  2. Analytical and technical capacity.
  3. Continuous learning and being self-taught.
  4. Understand the search engines and be aware of your changes and updates.
  5. Adaptability.
  6. Curiosity.
  7. Passion. Because if you see it from outside it’s a very boring world.


“The world of SEO is very extensive and has a lot of field to cover. There are more and more multilingual sites and I do not speak only Spanish or English.”
Daniel Pérez

Is the vision we have in the Spanish-speaking countries of SEO different from the one we have in the United States?

Yes, in the United States there is a more open perception about SEO. Not everyone knows it and they talk about it on the street, but there is some knowledge on the subject. Although lately I have seen growth on SEO among Spanish speakers, there are more and more bloggers and marketing agencies that dare to talk about SEO.


You have worked for both Spanish-speaking agencies and American companies, how does language affect the design of a strategy?

Language is a very important tool for an SEO strategy. Personally, I have had a lot of experience with companies that handle both the American and Hispanic markets. It is essential that the translation of a website be completely natural and human and not mechanized. An automatic software will always have some failure, either due to a context or orthographic error.

Doing the SEO of a company in two different languages ​​involves twice as much work. The keywords you choose to use and the way in which you will create the content for users will always be different. It is also important to create your content with a neutral Spanish for the diversity of Spanish-speakers there is. There are always terms that have different meanings or contexts, for example: a Venezuelan speaks differently than a Spanish and vice versa.

The world of SEO is very extensive and has a lot of field to cover. There are more and more multilingual sites and I do not speak only Spanish or English. I have many friends who are translators and a new trend is that field is the localization of web pages, which not only involves the translation of the content of the file, but also to the modification of the functionalities or elements of the page taking into account the language and the country of destination of the product.


Are Texas companies interested in SEO experts?

Yes, it is a career with many opportunities and if you have talent and knowledge you can receive a great opportunity.


How does contracting work there, is it more by word of mouth or do they contact you through the internet?

I will speak according to my experience. I used several apps to search for a job like, Indeed, Zip Recruiter and LinkedIn, I went to different interviews and in the end I decided on the one I got on LinkedIn.


There are people who think that SEO is not so necessary and decides to focus exclusively on Google Adwords and PPC campaigns, what argument do you have in favor of doing SEO for a Web project?

I can not deny that Google Adwords and PPC campaigns are effective, but SEO and these go hand in hand, it is difficult to do one without the other. We live in the digital age and I risk saying that SEO is even more important than Adwords and PPC campaigns. We must remember that if a website does not comply with the rules of Google can hardly get to have ranking and if you have an obsolete web design and not responsive is worse yet. Neither your users will like it! On the other hand, if you have a website fully optimized and running 100%, adding a good PPC campaign, I assure you success and return on investment.

On the other hand, I again emphasize the digital age in which we live. That a client or person tells me that SEO is not necessary today is like creating a company and leaving it in the abyss, abandoning it. After all, SEO is also advertising and that’s why I always respond by quoting Henry Ford: “Whoever stops advertising to save money, it’s as if he stopped the clock to save time.”


And focusing more on your current job, how is the SEO world in Texas?

According to my experience, it is a highly competitive market, regardless of the type of industry you may be working with.

30% of customers are often impatient and want to see immediate results and nobody can ensure or promise that in the SEO world. The results are usually seen approximately 90 days after starting a plan.

Another 30% seeks to economize on expenses, this type of customers always believe that SEO is easy and often go by the cheapest way of the market, achieving poor results and that your investment ends in loss.

The remaining 40% are those who choose a good option based on their needs and long-term goals. I assure you that this percentage is the one that can say that it has been successful.


Can you give us some trick on how to do local SEO in Texas?

Nowadays I work as a SEO analystic for Advantix Digital a digital marketing agency in Dallas, Texas. I work with clients who have several offices in different locations. So much of the SEO that I do today is local.

I’ll tell you how you can master local SEO if you follow this structure of work:

  1. Meta titles and Meta descriptions: Use local keywords (Keyword + location).
  2. Use local directories with high influence on the web (Local Moz).
  3. Use Google My Business so that users can find you organically.
  4. Use the Local Structure Data.
  5. Create local “Landing Pages” for each of your services.