SEO in India – Paisley Mack

Paisley Mack is an expert in search engine optimization who works as a SEO in India. She is proud of having placed many websites on the top positions of Google thanks to white hat techniques, that is, techniques that are ethically correct and meet the guidelines set by search engines.

She has been working in digital marketing from more than seven years, focused mainly on SEO. Throughout her professional development she has gained experience in very differente areas, although her favorite niches are business, news and everything related to legal issues.

Regarding the importance of SEO in India she is frank to point out that the interest of the companies do not focus on their own country but on other international markets with grater tradition in digital marketing such as the United States or Europe. And she points out that the secret is using english speaking writers as support.

Regarding her experience as a woman expert in digital marketing and SEO optimization Mack does not hesitate to point out that the female gender has a place in this universe and that India has an active role within the companies of the sector.

How has marketing done in India, has it changed a lot in recent years?

Here we focus mainly on doing marketing in English speaking countries such as the United States, England, Australia and also in some European countries. We do not do it for the indian market.


One of the funniest things that happens to marketing experts in Spain is that your family and friends do not quite understand what they do in their work, does that also happen in India?

Yes, you’re right. We are not able to explain to our family and friends what our work consists of.


Is india interested in international marketing?

Yes, of course it is. As I said we don’t focus on our own country but in USA, UK, Australia and Europe


What do you do right now in this field?

Currently, my main task is the optimization of web pages in Google search engines.  


Do women play an important role in this sector in India?

Yes, of course we have an active role in the sector.


What is your favorite niche?

One of my favorites niches is working for companies that have something to do with business. I also find the news area very interesting. Finally, everything related to legal issues amazes me a lot.


What CMS system do you use in India?

We mainly use native writers from the United States and the United Kingdom as support.