Loyalty and customer experience – Juan Carlos Alcaide

Juan Carlos Alcaide is a sociologist, writer, teacher specialized in loyalty and customer experience. He is one of the Spanish consultants with most experience in intelligence applied to marketing, customer service, loyalty, experience and customer retention and digital business.

In addition, he has more than twenty-five years of teaching experience in management training. He has a humanistic version of marketing that promotes that the customer experience goes beyond the CMR and encourages entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to take care of the service and customer loyalty.

To date, he has authored and co-authored ten specialized books. In addition, he has published articles in Spanish and Latin American specialized journals. It also collaborates with reference publications of the sector and in economic and generalist media.

From your own experience, how has the vision of marketing changed in recent years by companies?

  1. It has assumed the relational orientation of prioritizing or giving, at least, more value to Loyalty
  2. The Customer Experience has become more important
  3. It has become aware that “we sell experiences“, the heart decides and the brain justifies. The heart has reasons that reason does not understand.


And what about the general public, do you think that the consumer is now more aware of marketing and its actions?

Yes, in a negative sense:

  1. The client trusts the P2P people to people or peer to peer
  2. Suspect marketing as manipulation
  3. Edit the messages
  4. It is very difficult to impact because of the atomisation of audiences and channels, and it is also necessary to codify more elaborate messages (storytelling, soft values ​​and attributes, authenticity and originality: sensations, experiences and emotions, consistent brand promise, coherent, with style own, identity and differential personality)


Are the Spanish marketing agencies capable of loyal customers?

Everyone seeks such loyalty. And the Spanish women are capable … like the others!


Are managers convinced of their marketing strategies?

I see that there is still a short-term, sales-oriented orientation. There is no culture of service, but cost savings. There is a CRM oriented to sell, not to loyalty, to the transaction, not to the mime, to the loyalty, to the personalization. The employee and internal marketing is not considered marketing! Loyalty programs are geared towards the discounted price and not the engagement.


When can small businesses apply Big Data?

Whenever you want. It is a matter of becoming aware. It does not have to be expensive. It is a matter of orienting everything from the relational perspective. The data is the new oil; without algorithms, there is no management. “Poems and equations conquer hearts”.


What can you teach us about Emotional Branding?

  1. Everything starts in operations: operations and emotions conquer hearts. The quality of service is key: quality and warmth give a ten.
  2. Employees are part of the brand, ambassadors more “real” than advertising.
  3. Brand your brand? If your brand does not brand, it is not a brand, it is nothing.
  4. Authenticity, Emotion, Originality. To mean much to someone is better than to mean little to many.


“I see that there is still a short-term, sales-oriented orientation. There is no culture of service, but cost savings.”

Juan Carlos Alcaide

When and where do you advise using Chatbots?

To eliminate relational processes of lower value. Already, right now, everywhere. This way we can increase employees’ perception of value through advice, get them to focus on important customer management, because we have released effort and energy from automated routine tasks solved by the bot.


What is the secret of Silver Economy?

Understand that it is NOT a sector. It is an orientation of all sectors, which must understand that we are going to be a society of old centenarians cared for by old septuagenarians, cared for by the children of the current immigrants. Helped all by technology (predictive models and mathematics), the Internet of things (Internet of “things”, actually, we talk about sensorizing the home of the elderly) and increased intelligence.