Financial marketing in Spain – Ana Trenza

Ana Trenza is an expert in financial marketing that develops her professional activity as an advisor in financial management, strategic and digital marketing for companies. For the last 14 years she has been working for Banco Popular, where she started with an internship contract as an administrative and climbed up to becoming a branch director, a position she has held for the past 9 years.

This experience has made her aware of all the problems that companies can have on a financial level and convinced her to become a financial advisor and get them the effective solutions they needed.


From a contract in administrative practices at Banco Popular to an expert in financial, strategic and digital marketing advice. What has your work meant in your personal life after 14 years of experience?

First, I do not consider myself an expert, hehehehe.

Everything that I am professionally I owe to Banco Popular, it has been my home for more than 14 years, I have always felt very supported and valued within the company.

I have three debts with Banco Popular:

  • The first, in the professional field, because it has invested a lot in my training, within my career plan, making me feel valuable.
  • The second, in the personal field. I have a lot to thank it for, it has always supported me and made me see that it trusted me, being part of my achievements and personal successes (my motherhood).
  • The third, I owe Banco Popular all the good people I’ve met thanks to working on it. Most of my best friends are Popular. The best thing that the Popular has is its employees.

It is a pity that it disappears, it makes me sad.


What values ​​and principles have you learned during the first stage of your professional career?

Commitment, perseverance, effort, teamwork and taking great care of the client.

I learned that every effort has its reward and how important it is to have a good relationship with your co-workers.


What do you have to have to be an expert in financial online marketing?

Have a very broad vision of the business.

We are in a changing environment, much more than we think, therefore, a company must support all its decisions from a strategic point of view.

It is insufficient to know accounting, it is also necessary to have financial knowledge, strategy and digital marketing. Every company must have a plan to follow.

“There is no financial plan without a strategic plan, or a strategic plan without a digital marketing plan.”

The older generation prefers traditional banking, face-to-face in offices, and the young woman, Internet. How do you work at the marketing level with the digital divide?

It is a temporary situation, a matter of a generational change.

There are many retirees who have adapted to new technologies, a few years ago I did not want to use a Smartphone and today almost everyone has one. In addition, those who have not done with them, usually have the help of their children, including grandchildren.

The bank is making significant investments in computer applications and training aimed at customers to learn how to use them.

Although, now seen from the outside, I do not identify a clear marketing strategy on this issue.


What brings you to the world of marketing working in the financial sector for so many years?

My first contact was for my own project, to develop my personal brand.

Once I discovered the full potential of the digital marketing application within the strategy of a company, I clearly saw that I can not stop training to apply it to my daily work.


How has the business model in banking changed with the arrival of social networks?

The change that the banking business model has suffered has been very abrupt and rapid.

The banking sector has worn down a lot in the last ten years. The crisis has caused the collapse of many entities and mergers, decreased margins, increased legal problems, appearance of new competitors, a bad social image… the sum of all these factors has caused a lack of technological and digital vision.

There is still a long way to go in the digital world, when working with social networks, personal branding, corporate branding, even in digital strategy.

In banking we have always been told that we are like a transatlantic. We can not turn fast, but very slowly. But in certain subjects, so important is the speed of reaction, like never being stopped.


What are the challenges of financial marketing in an economy that is already digital?

That a small or medium company has the same opportunities as a large company.

This is allowed by the digital environment, but they must take advantage of all the opportunities it offers.

It is within the reach of all companies, regardless of their size, to invest in the outsourcing of services that are auxiliary to their activity. With the aim of being the best.

Financial marketing is a figure that will accompany the company in its decision-making, contributing a rational, independent and objective point of view to its management.


“I learned that every effort has its reward and how important it is to have a good relationship with your co-workers.”
Ana Trenza

Give me an example of a failure that has taught you and a success story that you feel especially proud of.

I have been thinking the answer to this question, and the truth, I do not remember any failure. I may be very optimistic, but all the most complicated situations in my life have been the ones that have taught me the most and made me stronger. Therefore, I do not have a list of failures.

For me, the greatest success is to be happy. It’s something I always look for and I do not forget. I try that everything I do, is the best thing I can do at that moment, maybe this is my biggest success. Working on something that I love is a success.


Define me with three words the love you feel for your work.

Passion: for everything I do every day.

Illusion: of being able to dedicate myself to what I like and enjoy this “so sweet” moment.

Satisfaction: of the fruits of my effort and work.