E-Commerce Manager for the cosmetic sector – Laura Ramirez

She devotes every minute of the day to her work. Digital marketing is his great passion, the world of cosmetics the weakness that makes her smile. Laura Ramírez is E-commerce Manager day and night, when she is awake and when she sleeps. What she likes best about her profession, linked to the vertiginous speed of the Internet, is precisely the fact that she is far from routine. Yesterday’s thing does not work for today, that’s why you have to be “continuously forming and learning new things”.

The work for her is love and discipline, emotion and even psychology. And his success comes from humility. In the following interview, Laura Ramírez tells us about these and many other things, a review of the current situation of her profession so that we can understand how day to day it moves to a benchmark in the E-commcerce sector.


What has E-commerce Manager meant in your life?

I came to E-commerce many years ago, by chance, I fell in love with a sector that was in diapers and what at first meant a small part of my work now occupies 100% of my day to day.

When I started in this it was very complicated to explain to people what you were doing, the concept that you had of the people who worked in the online sector were computer scientists with few social skills… and suddenly it became fashionable and everybody was dedicated to Online Marketing, and E-commerce.

In my life the digital sector has been very important, it has taught me to fight, first to make my way, then to differentiate myself from the whole wave of “fashion for the digital” that emerged a few years ago and that without training or experience tried to invade a sector that they did not know.


What is for you the golden rule that a good E-commerce Manager must fulfill?

Measure, measure and measure. The advantage that the digital sector offers us over the traditional one is that everything can be measured. We know why each action that occurs in our store, we know at what point we lose the customer or because concrete action we have had a sales growth. A good analysis of the measurements will make us go the right way.


“In my life the digital sector has been very important, it has taught me to fight, first to make my way, then to differentiate myself.”
Laura Ramírez

What has been your most beautiful experience as an E-commerce Manager?

Although we are behind a computer screen we must not forget that those who buy our products are people, and we have to try to understand their motivation to make that purchase. I have worked in sectors where motivation is very sentimental: the delivery of bouquets of balloons in a hospital to a sick person, or for a request of a surprise hand … In general, the experiences that involve the team with clients are usually very beautiful and exciting.


And the most complicated?

The internationalization of an E-commerce without a doubt, and especially when we talk about leaving the EU.


What do you love most about your work?

That is in continuous change and evolution, that we must always be training and learning new things and that also the results are seen in the short, medium and long term.


What is online reputation for you?

It is one of the key points when it comes to getting a new client. The competition every day is harder, and before buying in a new store we all seek opinions from that store.

A well-positioned negative opinion can do a lot of damage because it can create distrust about your store and lower the conversion rate.


Which are from your point of view the most important keys to control online reputation?

A good customer service, a good service and something that we always forget, a good management of incidents.


How does the sector of cosmetics, hairdressing and aesthetics come to your professional career as an E-commerce?

They say that if you dedicate yourself to something that you love, you will not work a single day of your life, right? I love cosmetics, and if you make your profession your passion, although not working is not true, but at least you work with a smile and that is already a lot.


What experiences do you have as an international E-commerce?

Alma Beauty is a very International group, we operate in India, in Colombia, Peru, Panama, Mexico, Poland, etc .. although not in all countries we do it with our own E-commerce (everything will be done) if we are present in Market Places