Indexando Marketing is an international marketing agency with more than ten years of experience. The company, directed by Alberto Flores and Fernando Ferreiro, dedicates its activity to solve marketing problems and plan communication strategies to improve the performance of web pages and increase their traffic and conversion. As well as doing audits and analytical studies based on data to achieve a good online reputation of their clients brands.

Nowadays, Indexando Marketing leads a great amount of projects of different nature located in different countries of the world, with a broad path in the generation of marketing strategies.

We plan communication strategies, improve the performance of web pages and increase their trafic.

Our main value is our multidisciplinar capacity to develop SEO works for different business models, regardless of their activity or sector, always adapting the strategies to our customer’s needs.

We are formed by our own staff plus collaborators who are specialized in specific segments of marketing. That allows us to always give the client the best options upon any kind of project and be able to grow with each initiative progressively.

For the implementation of strategies, Indexando Marketing starts with an audit and a previous study of the business plan of the clients, in order to promote the planning that best suits them. Thus, in the case of indexing web pages, we start with an analysis of the indexation state of the domain; and in projects that start from scratch, we carry out an adequate protocol of action with the collaboration of designers and programmers to contribute to the creation of a good brand image with a content planning strategy.

We work with multiple business models, adequate acting protocols and we contribute to a good brand image.


Our agency is characterized for having very close relations with the clients, that is the secret of our success. In this way, with systematic work meetings through Skype, we manage to extract as much information as possible about their business vision, with the priority objective of achieving, through the most important professional tools, that the clients are satisfied obtaining significant economic and financial returns of their respective businesses.

Indexando Marketing develops its activity measuring each action, always in a different way, adapting the work to the customer’s environment, their competence and focusing on their target audience. We understand that each strategy is different, that is why we usually change them based on their real time results; which allows us to help each client obtain benefits in each movement we make.

Our agency values the closeness with the clients which allows us to develop our activity by measuring each action.

In many cases the reports are not well understood. Thats why on each of our projects we inform the client about the state of the brand on SEO positioning, the different risk factors and the changes that need to be done to each month to carry on the strategy and the improvement points.

We work directly with clients but also as consultants for other marketing agencies that rely on our knowledge to improve or create common strategies.

We do monthly reports of the evolution of each project and we do not seek dependency on our clients.