Mujeres Moteras – Berta Doria

Berta Doria is the founder of Mujeres Moteras, the flagship and first female voice of the motorcycling sector in Spain. This initiative began with the hope of Berta to meet other women interested in the motorcycle world and in less than seven years it has become a consolidated website with aspirations to become a international reference.

We spoke with Berta about how and why Mujeres Moteras started, how they have become a consolidated brand and everything that surrounds their planning and content writing. We also touch all the points related to the day to day of the blog, such as managing your online reputation or how to deal with trolls. Finally, we focus on everything related to the online marketing of Mujeres Moteras, such as the use of SEO, the importance they give to the web analytics or their opinion about linkbuilding.

When did Mujeres Moteras arise? Why was a female voice so necessary in the motor sector?

Mujeres Moteras arises from a personal need. In 2011, he went on a motorcycle every weekend with friends. There was no girl in the group and I did not know any girl with a motorcycle. I had a great time and enjoyed a lot, but I was missing something. I thought that if I went by motorcycle, there had to be more girls. Commenting on this situation with Eduard de la Guerra (great friend and currently photographer of Mujeres Moteras) we decided to open a Facebook page to find others like me.

Soon women and men from all over signed up and began to share their stories with us. The year I opened the blog. A space where you can properly tell all those stories and many more that were emerging.


What kind of information do you provide in Mujeres Moteras? What content do your followers like the most?

We give information of all kinds that is channeled into four themes; Club, where we have information about events, curiosities, reflections or anything that I can think  that may interest our readers. Training, where we talk in a simple and basic way things that we think are important to know. From knowing how to drive, stop, look, etc. or know how to change the oil on a motorcycle, to courses conducted by schools to improve driving. We do not intend to give an absolute training but to offer our readers important information so that they can later expand it with other professionals. Test Zone, where we value motorcycles, products and services that have to do directly or indirectly with the sector. And competition, where we talk about female pilots who are struggling to gain a foothold in the sector.

There are many well-valued content, but without a doubt, what they like most is to see what we do through social networks and motorcycle tests we do. In this topic, I must emphasize that they are not in-depth technical tests, but we seek, without forgetting that the technology and the mechanical part is important, to transmit the sensations that we receive from each motorcycle. To analyze if the wheelbase of a motorcycle affects more or less the radius of rotation, there are other means. We communicate in a closer and more emotional way.


Do you think segmentation by gender is positive in a strategy? What is the objective of making such a strategy?

Nowadays, with such a globalized world where we have just one click, a lot of information you must focus. You can not address the whole world. At least not, if you have few resources like us. In addition, I believe that there are great generalist media that do it very well. Why would I do the same?

My need was to find other women and offer a different communication. Personally, reading an article in which for 2,000 words comment if the compression ratio of a motor of a motorcycle is greater or less than that of another of the same displacement bores me enough. And if it bores me, my readers understand that too.

Therefore, it is a strategy, yes. The objective? Offer readers who want to read about motorcycles a closer communication.

In addition, motorcycling among women is increasing and brands find in us the perfect channel to reach them

“After Ana and I do not hear the “you can not”, now I hear that “speed is something else, but in motocross the strength is very important and you can not be at the level”. It is a matter of time and effort for another woman to win and show that we can”.
Berta Doria

Are there prejudices against female bikers? Which?

That is the truth. There is a preconceived opinion that says that we can not do it as well as men do. Whether at the driving level or at the professional level. However, based on struggle and effort we are slowly demonstrating that this is not the case. We have great female pilots who compete along with the men at the same level and great professional women within the sector.

The last example is Ana Carrasco, who has been the world champion of SuperSport300. In absolute category! She is one more proof that women can do it.

After Ana and I do not hear the “you can not”, now I hear that “speed is something else, but in motocross the strength is very important and you can not be at the level”. It is a matter of time and effort for another woman to win and show that we can.


And on a personal level, have you had to deal with any prejudice on the part of your readers? How do you defend yourself from trolls?

Sometimes. It makes me very laugh when we have uploaded some photos of me along with a motorcycle and some people comment something like “we want to see real bikers and not models that do not know about motorcycles”. I’ve also had to deal with journalists who have gone a bit too far…

With the trolls I think we have already learned. At first we felt very bad and tried to answer everyone. Give arguments and defend our position. That’s always a mistake and I think it’s best to ignore it. Now, it does not affect us, although we analyze it in case we can improve something. And if the lack of respect is serious or is a direct insult it is automatically deleted and blocked.


We see that you have a consolidated brand. Have you ever had reputation problems?

We try to be very careful with what we do, how and with whom. We are aware of the fragility of the image of a brand. We do not collaborate with products of low quality or that do not have a serious company behind.

Once we have screwed up some collaboration that appeared serious and then has not met our quality standards, or even in a situation where a follower has not met their expectations, but given our obsession with giving the best quality and service We can say that we have a good reputation.


When you write content do you think about SEO or do you prefer to write a free essay? what is the process?

I always think in SEO. The Spanish language is very rich but its grammatical norms do not coincide too much with the seo positioning criteria and Google’s requirements so we always have to be careful to adjust to the maximum in seo without forgetting our own language.

I do not consider myself an expert, far from it, and I would love to know more and dedicate more time to positioning, but everything is not arrived! So I’m simply looking for the right compromise between what I write and SEO.

Do you devote many hours to web analytics? What is the purpose of these analyzes?

Many hours, not because I do not have them. But I pay attention to web analytics and the statistics of our social networks. It allows me to know if something likes more or less readers and followers and improve the content we offer.

Knowing your readers and followers is basic! If you do not know them you can not offer them what they expect. The analytics allow you just that, understand what they like and what they do not.


What kind of questions do you usually do on social networks? Do you use them to promote the blog?

We have consultations of all kinds, but perhaps the most numerous are about bikes that we have tried. Many girls, among which I include myself, have certain insecurities about what we can or can not carry. Sometimes the bikes seem very big and we think we can not. They usually ask me if I’m very heavy or if I think they can take it or not.

Obviously my recommendation is to analyze firts the use that we are going to give the motorcycle. A motorcycle is not the same for city as for road. Once we know what we want to do with it, I always recommend choosing the bike that we like the most (and we fit in budget, of course). But the recommendation is to let ourselves be carried a little by the heart. After all, the bike is a perfect escape valve for day-to-day stress.


How do you carry the linkbuilding strategies? Did you know that this formula for earning money existed when you started?

When I started I had no idea of ​​any tool. I bought an online course on “how to set up a WordPress in 1 day” and started my online adventure. Little by little I learned about the importance of creating synergies with other blogs and websites via linkbuilding to improve positioning and reputation.

Also, nobody can live on air, so if you dedicate many hours to something, you should make it profitable. Little by little I was analyzing different ways to make money with the blog and its rrss.

As I have already mentioned, I am not an expert on the subject, but I think I defend myself well.


Do you have a long-term marketing strategy or do you prefer to think about day to day?

I have a very clear vision of where I want to go and although you can not live day to day if you only think about the future, I do have a clear strategy and a well-defined goal. I do not think it is possible to make any project grow if you do not know where you are going. Sometimes the road twists a little and you have to change course, but the final goal is always clear.

We want Mujeres Moteras to be the benchmark for women’s motorcycling both in Spain and abroad. We are currently working to consolidate in Spain. The jump abroad will come in the coming years ?


What is the best thing about having carried out an initiative like Mujeres Moteras? And the worst?

The best thing, without a doubt, is the internal feeling that you have when some girl or boy tells you that you have inspired her and that she feels happy. If you recommended a motorcycle, they have bought it and they are happy. If you have given them a driving course and they are happy to have learned and enjoyed it or if they have had a good time at an event with you.

That feeling you have when you see their faces of happiness (even if only for a little while) is the best part of the project.

The worst thing, without a doubt also, is to fight to get every euro. When a brand tells you that you are not interesting because its target audience is not  women, it is difficult to accept it. You have to be constantly proving that you are worth it, that you do it well and that you are worth it. But well, that is something that happens to the rest of women and projects directed by women who embark on worlds or masculine sectors, so we have to keep fighting and working to be better.

I am convinced that the future of Mujeres Moteras is promising. It’s just a matter of continuing to work hard.