Marketing for lawyers – Jorge Jabalquinto

Jorge Jabalquinto is a lawyer specialized in traffic accidents. Along with the rest of his team, he saw an opportunity in the digital world and opted for it to create LegalCar. This company, an example of specialization, uses the most cutting-edge technological advances and processes that are constantly updated to bring legal advice to victims of traffic accidents throughout Spain.

Jorge is convinced that online marketing and, in particular, well executed SEO and SEM campaigns have been -and will continue to be, he stresses- essential for the development of LegalCar, which is currently in a privileged position in search results. He thinks about the history of the company that he directs and values ​​all the strategies that have helped him to achieve his objetives. Talking about his future, he is mysterious but he clarifies, that soon we will hear much more about them.

How did LegalCar started?

When we founded LegalCar, we had a single objective in mind, something that until then nobody had considered possible: using the most advanced technology and the most innovative management processes to bring the victims of traffic accidents the advice of the best prepared legal team.


How were your start?

Hard, as it should be. Few resources, we were a very small team and soon we started to have a lot of work. As it was an absolutely new business we had to adapt quickly. Actually, we are still in a similar situation, since the market does not stop growing and our demand is very high.


How have you evolved in recent years?

Unfortunately there are victims every day. As we have been gaining presence and brand status, more and more victims have trusted us and in the last two years we have grown exponentially, just after the radical change in the 2015 Reform of the Penal Code. A lot of competition left the sector for fear of not knowing how to adapt to the changes. 


With regard to SEO and SEM, do you trust more in national strategies or do you see more potential at the local level?

We cover all parts of Spain, even outside the peninsula. It is true that strengthening the strategy at the local level gives more confidence to the clients, but we do not limit our services to the localities in which we are based. In the digital age we use all the means at our disposal to approach clients from all over Spain.


“We will continue betting on digital media as a platform for more and more public to know us and we can reach our services to any corner”
Jorge Jabalquinto

Do you think that marketing has helped the growth of your company?

Betting on the marketing strategy that we follow now has been one of our key points. There are other points, such as organization, innovation, quality of service, personalization of the relationship with the client; but the commitment to marketing has been an absolute success.  


Do you trust SEM?

Of course! The performance of SEM campaigns, as long as they are well worked, are very good. We use these campaigns so the victim get to know us and try to help him from an advantageous position within online campaigns.


Focusing on marketing, what kind of strategies do you like best and which ones do not convince you?

I bet on online strategies. I believe that offline strategies have their advantages, but for a business like ours an online strategy based on SEO and SEM is fundamental. I particularly bet on these two.


Currently you have a great team of lawyers and are dedicated exclusively to process compensation for traffic accidents, what are the main advantages and disadvantages of being so focused?

Perhaps the main drawback is the limited size of the market. Our potential clients are victims who need help. Fortunately, there are fewer and fewer accident victims. But our customers have a specific need, which other drivers do not have. Advantage? The specialization.

Like everything in life, the more specialized you are in something, the better you can provide social work with that knowledge. We always say it: a general counsel can never help you as a specialist lawyer.


Do you think that digital media and especially tools such as SEO and SEM have helped highly specialized companies to gain visibility and customers?

Not only do I believe it, but I am also convinced that it is the future. We will continue betting on digital media as a platform for more and more public to know us and we can reach our services to any corner.


What will be the future of LegalCar?

We have a very secrety policy but I can asure you that by December a lot of people will talk about us.